Best Beach Coolers With Wheels On the Market

What’s going through your mind when preparing to chill out on the beach? Drinks and snacks of course! However, you’re also considering their method of transport, and how annoying it can get lugging a cooler between your home, car and all around the beach. So to alleviate this we came up with, a list of the best beach coolers with wheels.

In your cruising cooler beach battle, sand will likely prove to be the biggest nuisance. If your cooler is too weighted down, it will get stuck in the sand and become a problem. There are however, coolers with certain characteristics to, combat such stressful sand conditions.

Cooler Criteria

While searching for the best beach coolers with wheels, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Your main concerns will stem from, functionality, insulation, mobility, and overall size.

However, we do understand that you will of course want something that appeals to you aesthetically. We've carefully tried incorporating all of your needs and wants in this list


When forming this list we looked at more than cooling ability. You want something that can do more than just keep your things cold, and with today’s modern coolers that won’t be a problem.

With this list we've got you covered with a mix of chic, and geek. From storing your food and drinks to your beach gear, or even storing your devices that store your memories, you should have a nice selection to choose from.


For insulation we looked at, ice sustainability in real life conditions you're likely to face on a day to day basis. And we also studied the coolers breadth for its ability to maintain its inner atmosphere. After all there’s no point in a cooler that can’t stand up to the strenuous sun and keep your stuff cold.


Just thinking about shuffling around with an unwheeled cooler is daunting, and tiresome before it even starts.

Wheeled coolers give a certain freedom and ease, provided it has a good handle positioning, and wheel size, in order to circumnavigate the sandy riggers of the beach.

Overall Size

Size is a key element in your deciding factor. The amount of space you need will be determined by the size of your party.

If your cooler is too small either you won’t be able to fit enough ice, or supplies inside. On the other hand if too big, you’ll be left with too much space making it more difficult to keep things cold. Also you'll have a burden of dragging around an unneeded oversized cooler.

All of these searching Parameters are crucial to keeping your cooler chaos calm, as not to coincide with what’s meant to be a cool day at the beach.

Now that you’re all set on what to look for let’s get to the multi classed picks.

Best Beach Coolers With Wheels​: Special Class

Amongst the myriad of name brands, Igloo has a seat on cooler Mount Olympus. Being the reason they’re here on the list, the Igloo Trailmate Journey stands a Titan!

Igloo Trailmate Journey

It’s the highest priced cooler on the list, but with good reason. The Trailmate Journey has a particular affinity for traveling over sand with ease.

Igloo Trailmate Journey

Its flat and wide 10 inch wheels makes it especially cable for, rolling over sand both packed and loose. With its arsenal of added accessories, you’re sure to be in a category of careless, cooler concerned, circumstances of the highest chill level.

Like Its namesake suggest, with this you are truly ready to begin a journey. It has the ability to retain ice for up to four days, and even has a docking station for your device to ensure the party is successfully supplied with sweet sounds.

Its high level of mobility on many different terrain gives you a freedom to venture most anywhere. The Journey incases an assortment of convenient accessories like incorporated bottle openers, and outside storage placing for food, beverage and gear.

With the Journey you’re ready to begin that planned (or unplanned) journey you want.

Trailmate Journey- Top Jump-outs

  • Water-Resistant Secure Storage

  • Media Docking Station

  • Glide Handle

  • Suspended Food Basket Inside

  • Capacity of 70 quarts

  • Cup Holders

  • Gear Tie-Down Loops

  • Accessory Holders and Mounts

  • Stainless Steel Hardware

  • Threaded Drain Plug

  • Aluminum Rails

  • Butler Tray

  • Over-sized Wheels

  • 4 days of ice sustainability

  • Cool Riser Technology

  • Incorporated Bottle Openers

  • Exterior Storage Pocket

I personally found that the media dock, ice sustainability, and sand mobility is what jumped out at me above all.

Now that you’ve experienced the Special Class let’s roll on to the Business Class.

Best Beach Coolers With Wheels: Business Class

We’ll quickly get into the 2 parts of our Business Class division (which is a plus+ for me because I was never any good with long division).

Coleman Rugged 55 A/T

This is a, beach gear accommodating, ice sustaining and terrain submitting, ferocious beast, also known as the Coleman Rugged 55 A/T cooler.

If the Igloo Trailmate is a Titan, then this is surely Atlas!

Coleman Rugged 55 A/T

The Coleman Rugged 55 is capable of taking on most, if not all of your gear. The Rugged 55 A/T won't just hold your gear, it will laugh at all the lesser coolers (and there are many) while it does it.

Its wheels are spaced for making it superior at subduing sand, grappling gravel, grass, and other such tedious terrain. Its handle positioning is primed, allowing for even greater stability.

Its bungee tie system makes it a snap to secure your gear. And it has a cool drain system for easily taking out water

The 55 A/T is a great resource for an adventure filled day at the beach both alone and with friends.

Coleman Rugged- Complementing Resources

  • 5 day ice sustainability at temperatures reaching 90° F

  • 8 inch wheels allow for good ground clearance

  • Leak resistant drain for removing water

  • Incorporated bungee ties for stabilization of gear

  • High gear storage capacity

  • Multi terrain mobility

My personal favorites are the bungee tying system, and the drain that relinquishes the need to overturn your cooler.

Best Beach Coolers With Wheels: Business Class

Rubbermaid DuraChill 50

Pulling in behind the Coleman Rugged, is the Rubbermaid DuraChill 50.

DuraChill possess, some quality traits, like Its dual lids with integrated beverage holders. 5 day ice sustainability, front mounted draining spout, and sand capable maneuverability are also among its traits.

Rubbermaid DuraChill 50

The DuraChill’s dual lids allows for snack retrieval while keeping the cooler half closed. Its built in bottle openers are very convenient accessories.

Its heavy duty insulation gives it a five day ice sustainability that is truly outstanding. Its comfortable side handles and pull handle along with its flat wheel size make it quite manageable for moving around.

Bottom line is its a good cooler with good qualities! It's basically a freezer on wheels!

Rubbermaid DuraChill- Riveting Deliberating Components

  • Rotating side handles with comfortable grip for ease of carrying

  • Heavy insulation allows for 5 day ice sustainability in temperatures of 90° F

  • Dual lids with integrated beverage placements

  • Microband antimicrobial protection and drain spout allow for easy cleaning

  • Flat wheels for maneuvering ease

My favorite features were the multi lids with beverage placements, side bottle openers, and front mounted spout.

Best Beach Coolers With Wheels: Efficiency Class

The purpose of the coolers in this division is being practical. These coolers will keep you rolling on the beach, keep your things cold, while being easy to maneuver and easy on your wallet.

Coleman Wheeled Fifty Quart Cooler

Coleman is a well known and trusted brand because of their quality designs and construction along with their competitive prices.

It’s not the reason we chose them, but with their rep in the cooler industry it’s no shock we did.

Coleman 50 qt. Wheeled Cooler

Our first pick in the Efficiency Class Division is the Coleman Fifty Quart. The Coleman Fifty Quart is very low in price, but not in quality. It has a big design, for a big party, or a big weekend on the beach.

The Coleman Fifty Quart has large flat wheels for handling multiple terrains. It can hold up to sixty cans and has two days of ice sustainability.

This large and in charge cooler is capable of facilitating all of your snacking needs and keep you on the go while it does.

The Fifty Quart has a leak resistant drain for removing unwanted water. Its large capacity, low price, and strong design made it a shoe in for this hard kicking cooler list.

While it doesn’t have a latch to fasten it shut, it does have a Stay Put lid system to stave off accidental spills.

Coleman Fifty Quart- Crucial Forming Qualities

  • Multi terrain capability

  • Handle up to sixty cans while maintaining space to ice them

  • Seven inch flat wheels for sand mobility

  • Two day ice sustainability in a temperatures of 80° F

  • Leak resistant drain makes for easier cleaning

  • Stay put lid system

  • Swing handle

Coleman Sixteen Quart Wheeled Cooler

Our final review both in the Efficiency Class and on the list for best beach coolers with wheels, is on the Coleman Sixteen Quart Wheeled Cooler.

If you're looking to go on a day trip alone or with just a few friends then this sixteen quart cooler is perfect for you. With its compact size it has a distinct advantage over bigger coolers because you won't have to haul around unnecessary bulk.

Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler

The sixteen quart Coleman cooler, has a well positioned long handle and large wheels that add to its mobile convenience.

This Coleman cooler has over one and a half days of ice sustainability, and sufficient space for a small outing. Its small and stable size allows for a greater prospect for more adventurous trekking.

Your mind will stay at ease knowing that no matter how far you've gone or plan to go, that this cooler won't be a burden.

With a price tag to match its convenience and small size the Coleman sixteen quart cooler is a great fit on any budget.

Coleman Sixteen Quart: Shining Qualities

  • Ice sustainability exceeding 1 ½ days

  • Light weight of 14 pounds

  • Compact size

  • Easily maneuverable and transportable

  • Low cost

  • Good handle length and position

  • Holds up to 22 cans

  • Large wheels good for navigating rough terrain


That’s the sound letting you know you’ve been schooled, and the classes have come to an end. Since class is out we don't mind telling you, our favorite was the Igloo Trailmate, because it.... outclassed.... the rest.

Weather you’re going on summer vacation or just having a beach day, we’re glad we could educate you on the best beach coolers with wheels.

We hope our splash rapidly leads to your solution!

Steven Conte

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