What is the Best Kayak for Recreational Use

Kayaks come in various shapes, sizes, and price points. There are different solutions for different needs. Whether you want to go fishing, or you simply want to relax, you will find that there is a lot to explore. It is with that in mind that you may want to look for options that are specific to recreation. If you’re not looking to hit the rapids, then you will enjoy the following choice for the best kayak specifically made for recreational use.

The vessel below has been considered because of price, style, reviews, and whether or not they can be used for recreation above all else.

Best Kayak For Recreational Use

Perception Kayaks Impulse 10

 Perception Impulse 10.0 Kayak

The winner that you are going to definitely want to explore is that of the Perception Kayaks Impulse 10. This is a legitimately great kayak. It is meant to be versatile. It is meant to help you have a great day of relaxation. Whether you want to go fishing, or you want to sit back and let a stream take you through miles of calm movement, this works quite well.

Comfort is the number one reason why Perception is getting so much attention right now. The first thing that you will notice is that the seat is not built in fiberglass or plastic. It not only has a full Zone DLX seat, it contains a good knee brace and foot brace element so that you are able to paddle without tipping or over reaching. The comfort of the seat is grand, allowing you to not feel as though you’re stuck in a “bucket” that many kayaks have.

The cockpit has been created to help you traverse waters, molded so that you have freedom to reach over the sides. Aside from that, there is storage in the back with bungees, as well as upfront with a bungee, and a tray to help you reach things up front, without spilling. The price point is excellent as well. Under $500, the Perception Kayaks Impulse 10 is quite good in comparison to others on the market.

Comfort Is Not A Second Thought

It’s important to really look at the DLX seating element. This is the biggest drawing factor, as mentioned above. Looking at this closer, the seat has been created with flexible wings, a support system for your legs, for your back, and feet. It also helps with an adjustable element that helps you relax. Even if you’re going on a trip that is going to take you all day, and into the night, you will not feel as though you’re stuck in one position. There is a little give and take here, without losing balance when paddling.

Aside from the comfortable seat, which is a great selling point, consider the storage. Behind you as you sit, there is a full tankwell, recessed with bungee security, and a little self-draining element in case you dip or dive a bit. Up front, there’s storage up top, but also inside there’s a little pocket that you will be able to put small items that you may want. From hooks to sunglasses, to a book, or anything small, there’s a bit of storage up front for you to enjoy your day. Storage, comfort, and price, make this one killer kayak.

Features and Specs

The Seat – it cannot be stressed how important comfort is for recreational kayaking. The Zone DLX Seat is the best thing overall.

Keen and Foot Braces – keep your feet secure, no worrying about hurting your joints, or rattling on the inside of your kayak.

Bungee Rigging – secure your things with bungees up front and to the back.

Storage Galore – there’s plenty of storage for your day, whether you want to fish, or you want to take a picnic lunch and water, you have plenty of storage here.

Easy To Use Handles – handles on the bow and stern lets you move this with relative ease.

Length and Width – the length and width is 10’ x 29.5” allowing you to enjoy just about any waters, except perhaps extreme rapids and free falls.

Maximum Weight Capacity – 275 pounds of weight capacity, gives you a lot of freedom.

As you can see, the Perception Kayaks Impulse 10 is a great buy and is the best kayak for recreational use around. People love it, with rave reviews hitting the internet constantly. From the beginner to the expert, this is a great kayak that is simple to use, and no doubt going to help you get through many different trips for leisure, and beyond.

Steven Conte

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