Best Shoes For Paddle Boarding Guide

One of the most important things that you need to consider when paddle boarding is stability. Boards get wet, your feet may slip, and you could end up in the water. In order to paddle correctly, you are going to need to keep your feet firmly planted. The following addresses that need straightway. This list of the best shoes for paddle boarding, will help you keep safe, and firmly situated on the board.

Think of SUP like surfing. Surfers need to have their feet firmly on the board without slipping. There are a variety of features that have been considered in compiling this list. These need to function even when wet, and they need to be comfortable overall.

The following are just some of the best options that work out for beginners and intermediate SUP enthusiasts. We have broken down the shoes into 4 different categories, including men’s sandals, men’s shoes, women’s sandals, and women’s shoes, respectively.

The Best Shoes For Paddle Boarding Today

Men’s Sandals: Chaco Men’s Z1

Chaco Men's Z1 Classic Sport Sandal

One of the premier brands in sandals, and not just for sitting by the pool, is Chaco. Chaco makes some fine sandals, and after looking at options for SUP, Chaco really came out with a lot of positive releases. The biggest draw for these are in regards to durable, comfortable, and of course functional overall. There are several features that make this option quite good, especially if you’re going to be going out on the water.

If you have never worn a Chaco sandal, then you will need to realize that breaking them in is going to be necessary. Like other high quality footwear, you’ll need to walk in them a bit, and make sure that they become a little easier on your feet. The more you wear these, the easier it is to stand, walk around, and even hike.

Chaco Men’s Z1 Feature’s Run Down

Some of the features that you will run into when you purchase the Chaco Men’s Z1 include the upper, midsole, and outsole. Some of the outstanding elements that come with this sandal include:

  • Easy To Wrap Upper (webbing)
  • Adjustable Heel Riser
  • Durable Buckle
  • Ergonomic Midsole Rise
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Antimicrobial Application (stave off foot odor)
  • Extra Grip With Proprietary ChacoGrip
  • Lugh Depth Increase (3.5mm)

The biggest thing that you will come to realize about the Chaco Men’s Z1 is that it’s versatile. You can take this from the water, to the hiking trail, to the streets if you’d like. Many people that have purchased sandals from the Chaco brand, have been able to take these everywhere they go with comfort. They are truly meant for walking.

They work great with SUP because of the proprietary grip underneath. The grip is going to help you on the board, even when it’s wet. You will be able to stand your ground, move a bit, adjust, and paddle without fear of slipping. No matter how your foot is shaped, you will be able to break in the sandal for a comfortable fit. After the “break in” period, you will definitely enjoy this option for your next venture.

Swim With Them On

Let’s say you are thrown into the water, or you want to swim for a moment. You don’t have to take these off, they are easy to swim in, and get back on your board with relative ease. You don’t have to worry about slipping at all. The ChacoGrip is definitely worth looking into. They dry fast, they work well, and the tread is up to the task of SUP from beginner to intermediate skill sets. As far as sandals are concerned the Chaco Men’s Z1 is definitely worth checking out.

Men’s Shoes: Under Armour Kilchis

Under Armour Kilchis

Focusing on the men’s shoe category, you will find that the best solution for the water is Under Armour Kilchis. This is a solution that is going to allow you to have fun on the water, with a good grip, and fast drying construction.

Some of the main features that you will find when you pick up the Under Armour Kilchis include:

  • Breathable Uppers
  • Full Foot Coverage To Protect Against Scratches
  • Comfortable Midsoles
  • Fast Draining Upper/Top Sheet
  • J-Step Traction Outsole For Grip
  • Bungee Laces
  • AllSeasongear Tech For Fast Drying
  • Comfortable Fit

When it comes to a full water, men’s shoe, this is a solid update. Your foot will get covered when outside, and you will grip your board with relative ease. When you need traction, this has you covered, and you’ll definitely appreciate the attention to the sole details, as well as the breathable fibers that make up the upper. Under Armour is truly taking into consideration what SUP elements require, and aligning themselves with both beginners and experts alike. From the water to the hiking trail, these are definitely going to allow you to do a little bit of both, without sacrificing function or style.

The Under Armour Kilchis features a “street” style, but are definitely going to help you gain the upper hand while on SUP trips today.

Women’s Sandals: Chaco Women’s ZX2

Chaco Women’s ZX2

Focusing on women’s sandals, Chaco once again is the number one option when it comes to SUP sandals for women. You’ll find that the Chaco Women’s ZX2 has a lot of great features that rival the men’s edition, with some nice overall features and highlights.

The following are just some of the features that come with the Chaco Women’s ZX2:

  • Easy To Wrap Upper (webbing)
  • Adjustable Heel Riser
  • Durable Buckle
  • Toe Loop
  • Midsole made specifically for women’s feet
  • Antimicrobial treatment
  • Vegan Friendly
  • ChacoGrip Rubber Sole
  • Lug Depth at 3mm
  • Chaco comfort and style

Versatility Shines Through With The Chaco Women’s ZX2

As mentioned in the men’s section, the Chaco company really does well with making sure that their sandals are for more than just one application. With that in mind, you’re going to find that this is an option for SUP, as well as hiking, as well as walking in your neighborhood. They are made for all terrain in a way, and it shows with the amount of attention is given to the design.

Breaking them in will take time, but the ergonomic design is definitely an upgrade to traditional sandals. There are subtle changes between the men’s and women’s solution. This is not a flip flop, mind you, it’s a sandal that helps you walk, grip the board, and even allows for easy swimming if you jump into the water at any given point.

Women’s Shoe: Adidas Women’s ClimaCool Boat Sleek

Adidas Women’s ClimaCool Boat Sleek

You may already know about Adidas. They are a big athletic shoe company, and have been in business for a long time. They step into the SUP category with an all water shoe with serious features and upgrades. These shoes are form fitting, functional, and help you with a bit of style while on your SUP adventures.

One of the best things that you will notice is the heel cup. It stretches and moves with the contours of your foot. You will find that the ClimaCool has an upper that is easy to soak and dry out within a short span of time. Ventilation here is paramount, and the sole is made to grip with ease. Adidas knows what SUP enthusiasts need, and they are putting together a great deal of features with this shoe.

Some of the main Adidas Women’s ClimaCool Boat Sleek Features Include:

  • Lightweight (under 5 ounces)
  • Climacool
  • Mesh Upper
  • Textile Lining For Comfort
  • Heel Cup That Stretches
  • Designed For Women’s feet
  • Non-marking Grippy Sole
  • Adidas stripe design
  • Multiple Colorways
  • Affordable
  • Made for watersports

Versatility Without Sacrificing Style

Adidas has done very well with the release of the Adidas Women’s ClimaCool Boat Sleek. They do not just put their name on a shoe that is subpar. They actually focus on what SUP enthusiasts are looking for. The grippy sole is great, the contoured midsole, and stretchy heel cup make for comfort and style while on a board without losing function. If you’re looking for a women’s shoe that is in fact going to allow you to grip the board even in wet conditions, you’ll love these.

These shoes are fast drying, come in multiple colorways, and really are versatile. Whether you’re just going out on a boat, or you are seeking your next SUP adventure, Adidas really comes through with a good solution at a price that is quite affordable overall.

4 of The Best Shoes For Paddle Boarding

With the aforementioned 4 options, you will be able to get through the SUP adventures you have planned. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you will find that these solutions are going to give you a great deal of comfort, style, and function. The function of the sandals and shoes will keep you on your board, and dry out fast if you jump into the water for any reason. They also work for hiking, walking around town, and even going to your local water park. Comfort, style, and function is all the same with the aforementioned 4 shoes for SUP enthusiasts.

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