The Best Snowboard Boots for Beginners

The best snowboard boots for beginners should be able to make those first turns on the slopes a little easier on you. On the first time you went snowboarding, you probably wore boots that weren't yours. If you've been interested in hitting the slopes again, it might be a good idea to buy your own boots. You can be sure of the fit, and you won't worry too much about damaging or wearing down something that isn't yours. Getting your own pair is also more convenient, and you'll be able to go snowboarding any time you want without worrying about borrowing equipment.

best snowboard boots for beginners

Of course, this means that you need to get the best possible snowboard boots. A lot of snowboard boots can do well with beginners or more experienced snowboarders, so if you want something that you can wear next season, try to buy something that can transition with you from the beginner level to a more advanced level. This means getting a pair that feels comfortable and easy for you to wear. To ensure your comfort, it's usually recommended that you buy a size smaller than your actual shoe size. A snowboarding boot should feel snug almost too small on your foot. The lining is memory foam and will eventually give way and mold to the shape of your foot.

You also need to consider the flex. Flex here means the level of stiffness present in a boot. Stiffer boots tend to be more friendly towards those who emphasize their technique, but for our purposes, let's stick to the boots with a flex rating that hits around mid-range.

Here are the top five picks for snowboard boots for beginners.

Best Snowboard Boots For Beginners List​

K2 Plush Snowboard Boots for Women

K2 Plush Snowboard Boots White Womens

Snowboard boots need to be functional and durable, and that's the basic thing you can ask from them. However, you don't have to sacrifice style for functionality in the best snowboard boots for beginners. This pair of snowboard boots look good, feel good, and they will also work well for you. It has a pristine white body with a purple comfort foam inner lining. It has a lace up lacing system and a flex rating of 4. You can also use the boots to keep some coins or small objects.

The boots are easy to lace and will keep your feet warm and safe as you trek through the snow and go snowboarding. Though they're white and somewhat easily displays stains, they are also easy to clean.

DC Women's Search Snowboard Boots

DC Women's Search Snowboard Boot

It's important to have the utmost comfort when you're snowboarding. From the bonnet on your head down to the boots you wear, each piece of clothing and accessory should be keeping you warm and dry. These boots can give you that comfort you need. It is lined with thermo-moldable EVA memory foam and fleece, and it has a flex rating of 6. Its lacing system is the Boa H3 Coiler, which can make adjusting the tightness of your boots easier and much more considerate of your comfort.

These boots also have wide toes, so you can be sure that your feet won't be uncomfortably pinched as you snowboard. All in all, this is a great product to take with you to the slopes.

Thirtytwo Groomer Fast Track Snowboard Boots for Women

Here is another meeting point of style and functionality. This boot looks good, but that's not all. It's also incredibly comfortable to wear. It has a soft flex and is designed to provide a comfort fit. It has a fast track lacing system for your ease so you can get to those slopes as quickly as possible. The memory foam lining will conform perfectly to your feet with use. This is definitely a good pair of boots that comes at a great price.

Of course, it's not perfect. It's not as durable as you'd expect, so it's best to avoid overusing it. It's also best to order a pair a size larger than your actual size for better fit.

DC Men's Phase Snowboard Boot

DC Men's Phase Snowboard Boot

If you're looking for a pair of boots that looks simple and not at all flashy, this is a great choice. Not only does it look nice, it is also a lightweight pair that won't make walking a chore rather than a normal thing that people do. You'll find it easy to move around in these boots, and you won't have a hard time walking. With its traditional lacing system and a flex rating of 5, your comfort is basically assured.

Just remember, though, not to walk around in these boots for too long. The manufacturer's sizing is also a bit off, so it's best if you order a pair half a size larger than your usual size.

DC Men's Scout Snowboard Boot

DC Men's Scout Snowboard Boot

Getting the most bang for your buck is always a good thing, which is why this pair of snowboard boots might just be the best snowboard boots for beginners. You might not want to spend too much on a pair of boots that you might not use again, so this is good value for your money. It has a convenient Boa H3 Coiler lacing system that makes fastening your boots quick and easy, and it has a flex rating of 6.

Again, the sizing of the boots is a little off. It's best to order a pair one size larger than your actual show size. If you get the right size, though, you'll have a comfortable and light pair of boots.


There you have the top five snowboard boots for beginners. Hopefully you've seen how they each differ from one another and how they can cater to your specific individual needs. It's also good to pay attention to the flex. You can ask more experienced snowboarders about what flex they would recommend for a beginner, and how flex can affect and improve your technique. Remember not to spend too much, though. The best snowboard boots for beginners should be affordable but well worth more than the price.

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