Best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio Review

Wearing a helmet when riding is a safety precaution that you should not take for granted. It ensures that you don’t end with a broken skull in the event of an accident. There are many types of helmets you can choose from. However, selecting the best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio guarantees your safety and will keep you entertained while snowboarding. This review is all about the helmets you may consider buying.

What to look for:


A good snowboarding helmet should fit well and give you quality sound. In fact, this is the most important element you should consider before buying a snowboarding helmet.


The design of the helmet matters a lot. There are many styles of shell design out there; there is the half shell, which has an outer shell that sits above the ear line and has a soft inner lining. The full shell has a hard exterior shell that moves over the ears and covers the jaw line.


The best snowboarding helmets with audio should have good sound quality. In addition, it should guarantee you safety. After all, this is why you want to put it on when you go snowboarding.

Best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio Candidates

K2 Phase Pro Helmet

The K2 Phase Pro Helmet comes ready installed with audio. This means that its audio system is ready to rock and can be connected to a device anytime.

K2 Baseline Audio

The system can easily be attached to a cell phone and other devices. The speaker is well housed and cannot be noticed easily unless the music is playing. Phase Pro Helmet comes with a detachable cord used to control play and pause or hung-up/answer function.


• It comes with a hard shell designed to last long

K2 Phase Pro Ski Helmet

• It is capable of protecting you from impact

• It is bonded and durable

• Comes with a Full-Wrap Liner

• Has an integrated system that allows for customizing your head

• Comes with an active matrix venting


• The liner does not have gaps

• Can be customized to fit on your head

• Comes in a wide range of colors Black, /red, moss, gray, blue and blackout

Smith Optics Holt Helmet

This is one of the Best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio, which has been around for many years. The helmet has four vents that keep its temperature regulated. It has an outer cover consisting of ABS plastic shell. If it is too hot, all you should do is to remove the ear flap and continue with your activities. Holt comes with an AirEvac system that allows air to flow freely and keeps the fog at its bare minimum. It has inbuilt channels that allow air to flow through the helmet.


• AirEvac ventilation

Smith Optics Holt Helmet

Smith Optics Holt Helmet

• Bombshell construction

• Airflow climate control

• Has removable Goggle lock

• Weighs 19 OZ/550 grams


• It is quite versatile

• Can be used in both hot and cold season

• It is comfortable

• It is lowly priced


• Holt does not come with a readily installed audio.

• It subjects the rider’s head to a lot of airflows and can really feel cold on nice days.

POC Receptor

It is one of the Best Snowboarding Helmets you can ever buy. The helmet comes with a pre-installed audio system and guarantees great beats while riding. It has a bomber ABS shell and patented ventilation. The VDSAP can be closed when it is cold. Thus it stops the head from freezing.

POC Receptor BUG Communication Ski Helmet

POC Receptor BUG Communication Ski Helmet


• It can be controlled remotely

• It is compatible with smartphones

• Comes with powerful beats

• EPS liner

• Has a ventilated double shell anti-penetration system (VDSAP)

• Bankers Brim are included

• Comes with detachable Google clip


• Comes with a cord that can be used to control calls, adjust volume and switch tunes

• Boasts of matte finish


• Doesn’t have great looks


It is the best option for anyone looking for a good snowboarding with audio. However, it will not work for everyone, and so you must try to find one that works for you.

Bern Brighton Snowboard Helmet

 Bern  Women's Brighton EPS Summer Helmet

Bern Women's Brighton EPS Summer Helmet

The helmet is designed for ladies who are not just looking for style but for protection as well. The helmet has a thin shell and is lined with EPS foam. It offers protection, is light weighted, and can be adjusted to give one a perfect fit. It has a cold weather liner and removable pads.


• Shell construction

• Audio compatible

• Half shell

• Audio compatible

Phantom Helmet

This is a ski-helmet that will keep the rider safe no matter what happens. It comes with an ABS shell and has multiple vents. It is available in many designs and comes in a variety of colors. The helmet comes fitted with audio that allows you to plug in your phone and rock out. It is UV protected. It has mirrored lenses and comes with a travel protective case. This is a top quality snowboard that is safe and will keep you riding. It is made from a tough shell, is comfortable and will not disappoint you.

 Phantom Helmet with Audio and Snow Supra Goggle

Phantom Helmet with Audio and Snow Supra Goggle


• The helmet has a padded neck, adjustable chin strap, and an adjustable strap.

• It features an integrated audio speaker that allows you to listen to music.

• It has an adjustable strap and protective case.


• It is tested and found to be safe

• Comes in a variety of designs and colors

• It is sold at a reasonable price


• It doesn’t come with a warranty

Giro Women’s Sheer Snow Helmet

Giro Women’s Sheer Snow Helmet

Giro Women’s Sheer Snow Helmet

This is an amazing women’s helmet with an elegant finish and a fantastic fit. It is light weighted and an excellent choice for women looking for performance and style. The helmet comes with goggles that are seamlessly integrated into it.


• Fuses an impact-absorbing foam liner with polycarbonate outer shell

• It is super cool, allows fresh air in and at the same time pushes stale air and heat out

• It is compatible with aftermarket tune ups

• Comes in small and medium sizes


Now that you have some ideas about Best Snowboarding Helmets with Audio, you may choose any of them as long as it serves your interests.

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