Best Wakeboard For Beginners On The Market

Wakeboarding is one of the sports that is becoming popular because it is both challenging and exhilarating. Jumping in water and throwing a rope over the boat’s wake is exciting. It is one of the games that are commonly featured on TV. If you have the passion of playing the game, here is a review that features the Best Wakeboard for beginners.

best wakeboard for beginners

best wakeboard for beginners

Note that before you start playing your favourite game you must learn the art of wakeboarding. You may start by finding a wakeboard that is best suited for you. Next, you should find the right gear to use. When it comes to buying a wakeboard, it is necessary that you buy a wakeboard you will comfortably use. If you are just beginning, it is advisable that you buy one that is meant for beginners. Look at the cost, performance, and durability.

Think about your needs and buy a board that is comfortable for beginners, but which will allow you to progress to the next level. Also, you need to check your preference and riding style. As you become more advanced, it should allow you to cut into the wake faster. Thus, a board with a fast edge would suffice. Ensure you check out the package of the board and its bindings plus the boots that go with the board. Choose those that are not fixed, and which can be removed any time.

Best Wakeboard For Beginners Candidates

Ronix Vault Wakeboard

Ronix Vault Wakeboard 2016

Ronix Vault Wakeboard 2016

It is a brand new wakeboard, which has been added to the list of wakeboards for beginners. It is ranked #1 among the Best Wakeboard for beginners. It is a new wakeboard designed to reduce swing weight while increasing the riders feel against the water. The board has a rocker that allows one to transition off and on the wake. The design takes care of the fact that your body is not centred in a particular riding position. You will certainly feel comfortable riding the wakeboard in all water conditions.


  • 2 fiberglass 1.7’’ Hook fins
  • Fuller vertical heelside Rail
  • Thinner and sharper Toeside Rail
  • 3 stage rocker
  • It comes with removable fins
  • It is easier to pop on wake
  • It is durable and strong
  • It is excellent for beginners or intermediate level
  • Comes in 5 size variations

O’Brien System Wakeboard

O’Brien System Wakeboard

O’Brien System Wakeboard

This system ranks high on the list of Best Wakeboard for beginners. It is affordable and stable when gliding across the water. The rider is able to keep balance while on the board. The system is easy to control and rolls up smoothly. It is predictable and has a double barrel channel. The flank is 1.35 and has a rocker that makes it easier to ride and roll it up.


  • Dual channels at its tail and tip.
  • Comes with a foam core
  • The edge is straight
  • Weighs 40 -120 lbs
  • The flank is 1.35


  • Standing on it while it is in water is easier.


  • It is costly

Liquid Force Angel

Liquid Force Angel

Liquid Force Angel

This is also one of the best wakeboards for beginners designed for ladies. It is a great learning tool for new riders. The Angel is designed for beginners and is meant to help intermediate riders progress to the next level. It is an all-around board in the liquid force line-up and will give one a very good ride.

The board supports early learning and will give you an upper hand over any other board. The ride is smooth and certainly gives ladies an awesome experience.

Angel is known for its fluid and straight curves. It is a super fun board whose performances often exceed expectations. The board has a few minor blemishes which are not easy to notice unless you choose to look for imperfections. The board is great and comes with great graphics.

Slingshot Reflex wakeboard 2016

  • It is a wakeboard only
  • It is highly durable
  • Comes with an excellent rail riding and cable park
  • It has four fins
  • Hydroslide Black widow wakeboard
  • The board is 456 inches and black. It is designed for intermediate skilled rider or beginners. The board features forging designs that makes it easy to ride. It is a good board for adult riders.


  • The bindings are weak and do not last
  • The rings that hold the angle strap are flimsy


  • It is cheap
  • It is ideal for new riders.
  • It fits bigger guys easily.

Safety Tips

As you learn the wakeboard, it is important to remember that staying safe is critical. This will help you prevent injuries and allow you to continue enjoying the sport. Here are the recommended safety tips:

  • ​ Master the hand signal for speed adjustment so that you can stop when you want.
  • Wear a buoyance aid or an impact vest.
  • Ensure that your wakeboard is in a good working condition.
  • Whenever you notice that you are falling, try to fall backward to avoid injuring your face.
  • Stay relaxed and don’t tense.


It is important to note that there is nothing like an advanced board. However, there are boards that are called beginner wakeboards because they are suitably designed for beginners. They are stable and anyone can ride them. Figure out the board that is ideal for you.

Note that you should not pick on a board that is too stiff. However choosing a board with a large surface area can help the beginners to master riding the board faster. It also makes it easier for the rider to land a jump. Consider the progression rate, and how often you will be practicing. If you will be practicing regularly, choose an intermediate board even if you are a beginner. Lastly, consider boards with fins because they guarantee greater stability. The bigger the size, the better since it will be easier to ride.

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