Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers For The Money

So you're looking for some really good quality wakeboard tower speakers that won't break the bank!?

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers For The Money

Well not just any old speakers can be the best wakeboard tower speakers for the money.

No. To be classified as that, is about the speaker's ability on every level compared to its commercial value.

Some people have the money to just go out and buy the most expensive speakers on the market and not think twice. However, for most of us out there, we don't have that option.

We get it! You want to rock to quality tunes at wakeboarding distance. Well, we got you covered!

We’re giving you a list of wakeboard tower speakers that give you everything you want, without taking everything you have!

Searching Parameters

Your search will intel finding speakers that not only can achieve the required audio range, but that are also high quality and cost effective. Our goal is to help your decision process by laying out the facts, and taking the guess work out of it.

The wakeboarding distance of 80 feet can be quite the audio challenge to overcome. There's obvious reasons for this hindrance such as, distance, the boat's engine noise, and other competing environmental sounds.

There are however, some that aren't so obvious such as, the way certain sounds react when they come into contact with the rapidly shifting water.

When trying to out maneuver these tribulations and find the best wakeboard tower speakers for the money, horn loaded compression drivers (HLCD) are definitely the way to go.

Horn loaded compression drivers are leading the charge with their immense audio projecting power. Depending on the model and brand, HLCDs can have the quality to back up all that power.

Taking into account their compact size, and competitive pricing, and they emerge as frontrunners in your speaker searching endeavors.

Factoring in cost, power, and quality, we've compiled a comprehensive selection of the top 3 worthy speakers for your choosing.

So here's our list for the best wakeboard tower speakers for the money.

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers Reviews

Wet Sounds Rev8

Wet Sounds Rev8

Wet Sounds boast about having "The Highest Performing Marine Audio on the Planet !!!" is bold to say the least, but its Rev8 series certainly tries to live up to the claim.

HLCD speakers focus around projecting sound over a great distance, and Wet Sounds Rev8 doesn't disappoint.

These high performance speakers reach the wakeboarding range with ease, and then exceeds it without any audio perversion.

Wet Sounds Rev8 pushes on where many HLCDs fall short. The Rev8 incorporates a well-crafted, and harmonic design with Wet Sounds proprietary Rev Tec technology.

This allows it to produce a thunderous volume, and high quality full range both on and off axis across a vast area.

These speakers are capable of simultaneously emanating high volume, and quality beyond 80 feet with no lackluster effect on the wakeboarder. This is something which has been proven through extensive acoustic testing.

Wet Sounds Rev8 is a high quality, sound blasting, and we'll designed wakeboard tower speaker.

The Rev8 will almost certainly leave you pleased, but will definitely, give you great audio and power.

Rev8 Crowning Points

★ Regionally exclusive high gloss black speaker enclosure

★ High quality mid bass driver with wide range titanium HLCD

★ X mount kit with internally concealed wires

★ Combined 800 watts between the two speakers

★ 200 RMS and 4 OHM’s

Kicker KMT674 Marine Speakers Tower System

Kicker KMT674 Marine Speakers Tower System

Our next review for the best wakeboard tower speakers for the money, is on Kicker KMT674 Marine Speakers Tower System.

Don't mistake being below the first review on the list with being substandard. The Kicker KMT674 is a high quality full sound range speaker system.

Its billet aluminum brackets and clamp inserts total 7 highly used sizes, giving it an adherent wake tower adjustability that's nearly absolute.

The KMT674's quality traits and Darwinian mounting conformability, made it a natural selection for one of our top three spots.

Whether you're taking advantage of its ability to be mounted above or below the bar, you can set your mind at ease.

It is weather proofed with sealed cones, motor assemblies, and UV treated components to protect against the harsh sun and occasional water it's sure to take on.

ThecKMT’s dual mid ranged drivers in each barrel, doubles the cone area to achieve a much larger sound.

In addition to that, its 300 watts assures your quality audio will reach the 80-foot wakeboarding range.

With the Kicker KMT674 you'll be able to enjoy the music whether you're wakeboarding or riding inside the boat.

The KMT provides a great sound that will help you have a great time out there on the water!

Kicker Crowning Points

★ ¾ inch titanium horn tweeter

★ 3 inch mounting depth

★ RMS 150 watts

★ Top output 300 watts

★ Water resistant

Rockford Fosgate PM2652W-B

Rockford Fosgate PM2652W-B

We've reached our final item on the list of the best wakeboard tower speakers for the money.

For this we offer you the Rockford Fosgate PM2652W-B.

The Rockford PM2652W-B is a two way, six-and-a-half-inch punch wakeboard tower speaker enclosure.

It's presented with weather proofing on par with marine grade technology. The PM265 is sold in all black with a stainless steel sports grille.

With its peak 340 watts, it leaves no doubt as to its capability to enable audio to extend between boat and wakeboarder.

With a strong focus on protection, all the PM265 hardware is stainless steel and chrome plated.

This is a true marine grade speaker, loaded into a sealed UV inhibitor, infused with a high density poly-ethylene enclosure.

Rockford's dedication to your speakers safety is admirable. While Security Torx prevent theft, a safety lanyard is included in case of loss or damage, in the event of the set screw assembly loosening over time.

Both its surface, and optional (PM-CL1B) tubular style mounting clamp are just 1° shy of a 360 degree range.

With all this it isn't hard to see why Rockford Fosgate is thought of as one of the industry leaders in product quality and maintainability.

Rockford Fosgate PM265 Crowning Points

★ 1 ½ inch to 2 ¾ inch bar size adjustability

★ Capable of 359 degrees (of a full 360 degree) mounting

★ Obtainable in white or black

★ Marine grade technology protecting included PM265 speakers

★ Safety lanyard included

★ High density poly-ethylene enclosure with UV inhibitors

So now you've been provided with our top three picks, accumulated from extensive and meticulous research.

All three of these speakers are rich quality, high performance, smoothly designed, and objectively priced.

It’s now up to you to decide which will complete your quest for the best wakeboard tower speakers for the money.

No matter if you're a newcomer, or just looking for a better class of wakeboard tower speaker, this article will guide you to, and down the right path.

We hope our splash, rapidly leads to your solution!

Steven Conte

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