What Is Best Wakesurf Board For Kids

What Is Best Wakesurf Board For Kids

Perhaps one of the coolest trends to hit watersports combines both wakeboarding and surfing. Wakesurfing as it is called, is popular amongst young people. If you are interested in picking up a board for this sport for a kid, you will want to look into the following best of list.

The following list considers shape, size, and average ability of children. There are a lot of options that are meant for professionals, and intermediate riders overall. These are somewhere between beginners and experts, and are specifically designed for children, with price, and features taken into consideration.

For those that are looking at improving their skillset take these options into consideration on your next wakesurfing excursion.

Best Wakesurf Board for Kids

Liquid Force Slaysh

Liquid Force Slaysh

The first option to consider is the Liquid Force Slaysh. This is a versatile solution that is meant for children that aren’t too experienced with wake boarding or surfing overall. The design here is simple, short, and made with stability in mind.

The Liquid Force Slaysh is made of strong materials. It’s meant to be used and abused. You will not have to worry about this breaking, ripping, or getting dented. You can drag it, throw it on the ground, and even brush up against some rocks without worry. The core is made of strong foam like a lot of sur boards, and the 3 fins gives you strong turning radius.

As you look into picking up the Liquid Force Slaysh, consider the following main features:

  • 3 Fins
  • Slick Bottom
  • Fiberglass Foam Core
  • Slick Wrapping Exterior
  • Fin Stringers
  • Traction Pad For Easy Grip
  • 4’6” length
  • 19.5” width
  • 150-pound weight capacity
  • Shortened for beginner level
  • Strong Construction
  • Durable

The reason why this is one of the better options is because it’s strong construction, and the durability that reviewers have noted. You will find that the limit is 150 pounds, and made for beginners trying to figure out how to ride with speed, and precision. The features list above, the cost, and reviews all make this one of the best wakesurf board for kids today.

 Hyperlite Gromcast

 Hyperlite Gromcast

If you’re looking for a second solution, you’re going to find that the Hyperlite Gromcast is a stellar solution. This is made for kids that want to shred through waves, and not just keep it simple. The shape and size is made for hard turns, and aerial maneuvers.

This is a really popular board that has been crafted in relationship to the professional level models. Kid size, and shaped for stability and extremes, beginners will learn fast on this one. The surface area up top gives youth a lot more room to place their feet, and keep low center of gravity.

Before buying the Hyperlite Gromcast, consider a few of the stand out features that come with it:

  • Squash tail
  • Concave Base
  • Rolled Edge
  • EVA Traction Pad
  • Layered Glass Overlay
  • Shaped Like A Professional Board
  • 3 Fins
  • 3’8” length
  • 19.87” width
  • Weight Capacity up to 100 pounds
  • Stylish graphic design

The main reason why Hyperlite Gromcast gets so much attention is because of the shape. The size and shape easily helps beginners transition into better overall skills. Because of the short size, and larger width, it’s easier to take turns, and make aerial moves off of small wake and large waves that come through.

 Ronix Super Sonic Odyssey

 Ronix Super Sonic Odyssey

For a third solution amidst the best wakesurf boards for kids, you’ll find that the Ronix Super Sonic Odyssey stands out. From the graphic design to the features, you will find that this is well made for kids. This board is going to help those that are learning the ropes get to the next level easier. The design has been created to emulate professional boards, only at a smaller, lightweight and wider solution. It looks professional at first glance, but it’s definitely made for children.

Some of the main features that you will find come through with the Ronix Super Sonic Odyssey include:

  • Concave top
  • Designed Like Professional boards
  • Shortened For Children
  • 3 Fins
  • Easy for beginners
  • Vacuum Bag
  • Epoxy Resin Construction
  • Surf element design
  • 3’9” length
  • 17.3” width
  • Late rocker
  • No weight limit stated
  • Stable Track pad
  • Lightweight
  • Surf graphic design
  • 2 Tail Designs

Two Tail Designs To Consider

The next thing that you will find with the Ronix Super Sonic Odyssey is the tail design. When you are shopping for this option, you are going to find that the designs are meant for learning different styles. The fish tail is one option and that has a specific look and feel. You will still have the 3 fin layout, but the fish tail will allow for a bit more curve on turns.

The second option that you are going to find is the power tail design. This is the design gives the board a little more stability in the water. This allows for wider turns, and easier movements. It’s not meant for aerials, but you can still get a good flow with it. It’s meant to have the back leg adjust on the fly, and take on smaller wakes if need be. Both offer a great look and feel, and the differences are marginal for the beginner.

With the 3 choices mentioned above, you can ensure that you are getting the best wakesurf board for kids. The features and costs all work out quite well in regards to this fun, new, and trendy sport.

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