What Is Best Wakesurf Board For Tricks

For those that have been working on wakesurf boarding, and are no longer beginners, it’s time to do tricks. You don’t have to be afraid of tricks. You can shred wake with ease, once you get the hang of riding and staying afloat. If you’re serious about getting good at this sport, proceed to getting a new board, and do a few easy tricks.

There are several wakesurf boards that you can get to help you learn and land tricks. The following will help you navigate this arena.

Making The Choice

Before you start looking for the best wake surf board for tricks, consider a few tips and tricks. First, consider that there are two types of boards on the marketplace. There are those that are used for “surf”, and there are those that are specifically made for “skim”. Picking the right option is crucial for moving forward. You need to make sure that you pick the skim solution over the surf one.

The skim boards that are out there are usually short, and thin. These boards are made so that you flow through the wake with relative ease. As you cut through the water, your fins are going let you navigate the waters with ease. Skim boards are harder to do trick son, even though it’s possible.

Size and Shape

The next thing that you need to consider is the size and shape of the board. Skim boards are going to be thinner, and lighter than others, but they still have variations. Choosing what solution, you want to work with is a matter of considering how big you are. Your height, weight, and skill level will dictate which wakesurf board is going to be right for your needs.

Obviously, if you’re very tall, then you won’t want a small board. If you’re built wide, you want a good board as well. Another element is in regards to skill. If you are getting better at navigating the waters, you may want a smaller board, assuming you’re getting better at wake surfing overall.

Best Wakesurf Board For Tricks

One Last Piece Before Choosing The Best

Before getting into the best wake surf board for tricks, consider the rocker and the rail. Rockers and rails are two factors that will either make or break tricks. The rocker is how your board is curved. This lets you make kick turns, shuv-it, and much more. If you don’t have a good rocker, you will not be able to cut through wake with ease.

The rails are also important in regards to your boards shape. This is just the edge of the board. This will help you move smoothly through the water. As you get better with wake surfing, you will want flat rockers, and sharp rails overall. Once you break this down, you’ll be able to navigate through the list of the best wakesurf boards for tricks below.

Best Wakesurf Board For Tricks​

Liquid Force Doum Skim

Liquid Force Doum Skim

The first major option you are going to want to look at is the Liquid Force Doum Skim. This is a board that is made for those that want to do tricks, but don’t want to break the bank. It has a good center point, nice rail, and glides across the water with ease. The nose and tail are made to help with control. Turning is made even better with gripped surfaces.

The board is made of foam, and has compression molding that lets you cut through wake, turn fast, and get air if you’d like. The molding on the outside is wrapped in a hard shell to avoid wear and tear.

The specs on the Liquid Force Doum Skim include

  • 180-pound weight capacity
  • 54 inches’ long
  • 20.4 inches’ wide
  • Easy to ride
  • Made for tricks
  • Affordable

Byerly Buzz

 Byerly Buzz Wake Surf Board

The next board that you’ll want to explore is the Byerly Buzz. This is a board that has been made with two elements in mind. It’s made to give you good surf and skim elements in place. It blends through both skim and surf styles to allow the rider to gradually move upwards through experience. IT’s fast, easy to maneuver, and more stable than others in the marketplace.

The quality of the Byerly Buzz is definitely a positive option. It’s made of extended polystyrene. This is a foam that works very well in the water. The core helps with durability, and is wrapped with a hard surface. The monocoque construction and glass bottom gives you stability, and easy navigation with the underside. The rails are strong, smooth, and durability is not sacrificed with this one.

The Byerly Buzz is the best of both worlds. It’s long and wide, made for tricks, and will last quite some time. This is a great option to learn tricks with, that’s for sure.

The specs on the Byerly Buzz include

  • 110 pound and up weight (no limit listed)
  • 57.6 inches’ long
  • 21.1 inches’ wide
  • Easy To Ride
  • Made for both surf and tricks
  • Durable

Inland Surfer Keenan Pro

Inland Surfer Keenan Pro

The last solution that you are going to want to consider is that of the Inland Surfer Keenan Pro. This is a board that is made for tricks, but has a lightweight feel that will surprise you overall. It’s so light weight, that you are going to think that there’s something wrong. This is great though, because you’re going to be able to turn, dive, and take on airs with ease. The rails on here are sharp, the nose comes to a point, and it’s stable overall.

The interior of this board is made of PVC, which is why this is so light. The shell is made of carbon fiber, and is held together with a strong epoxy for durability. There’s flexibility with the core, which promotes aerials. You are going to be shocked by how easy it is to learn with this board, as many reviewers have suggested. Even though this is a nimble, light board, you will find that it is durable overall.

The specs on the Inland Surfer Keenan Pro include

  • 180-pound weight capacity
  • 55 inches’ long
  • 19.5 inches’ wide
  • Made For Tricks
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

There you have it. Some good overall boards for you to learn wakesurfing with relative ease. Whether you’re just learning or you’ve tried before, these options will help you get moving forward.

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