Best Wakesurf Boards For Small Wake Guide

One of the most popular watersports around right now is wakesurfing. Wakesurfing combines the fun of surfing with the fun of wake boarding. Because of this, the learning curve is a little easier as a result. In order to do this to the extreme, you will need to have a good amount of waves. Strong waves behind a boat helps with getting good air, and getting great turning radius.

Best Wakesurf Boards For Small Wake

When you don’t have strong waves, however, you will need to look for specialized boards. That’s where the following options are going to come into play. These boards are going to help you have fun on the water, even if you don’t have big waves to traverse. In order to get this done, your board has to be a bit wider than traditional solutions. Bigger boards are going to help you get the buoyancy you need to navigate medium sized water.

Smaller options, much like regular surfing, are for extremes, and help with a lot of precision aerial maneuvers. It also means that your skill set has to be a lot further along than the average beginner. The following are some of the best wakesurf boards for small wake on the market.

Best Wakesurf Boards For Small Wake

CWB Ride Wakesurf Board

CWB Ride Wakesurf Board

One of the better brands that you are going see on the market is CWB. This company has built a reputation for releasing good overall boards. In the case of smaller wakes, this board is only 5’2” in length, and is made for easy access to the smaller waves you may face. There’s a few features that are specifically made for beginners, including a couple of fins on the side that help manage turns.

When you purchase the CWB Ride Wakesurf Board, you will receive a complete package. This means that you can purchase this and get to the waters immediately. What’s really good about the package deal is that you will receive an instructional DVD to help you learn how to navigate the waters.

Some of the main features that come with the CWB Ride Wakesurf Board include:

  • Simplified Shape
  • Made For Beginners and Intermediate Riders
  • Compression Molding
  • Double Edge Rail
  • 3 Fins
  • EVCA pad
  • Kicktail
  • 5’2” long
  • 20.5” wide
  • Easy Rocker
  • Simple Tip to Tail ratio
  • Professional graphic design
  • Shaped To Emulate Real Surfboards

CWB Ride Wakesurf Board 2016 Redesign

One thing to note is that 2016 brought a new update to this model. The 2016 option still has a lot of the features that you read above. The updated option has a more angular tail, and a broader top surface. The traction pad helps with movement in small wake. The updates were created to allow for easier progression and learning, as well as for faster turning, and aerial moves.

Aside from the width, you’ll find that the length of the board has increased as well. The length has been updated by 1”, and the tail has been tailored for easier turning. The fins here are now removable, and adjustable. That allows for you to increase your skill set and update your fin style overall.

You may want to purchase the 2015 option for the lower price, but if you want to learn and do more tricks, the 2016 option is going to be the one for you. Either way, the CWB option is a low cost option for small wake.

Hyperlite Landlock 2016

Hyperlite Landlock 2016

Hyperlite is another great company that has been putting out quality boards for years. One of their better solutions is that of the Hyperlite Landlock 2016. This release is meant for smaller wakes, and is versatile for beginners and even larger riders that want a bigger board.

The larger board is made with stability in mind. Not only is it 5’9” long, it’s made very wide, and helps with resisting impact. The construction has been locked in place, so that it doesn’t bend, it doesn’t dent easily, and you can definitely go through small wake, and even hit a rock without worry of breaking points.

Another element that makes this a good solution is the fin design. There are 3 fins that will help you with turning, riding, and excelling with tricks that you want to test out. If you get better at riding this board, you can remove the fins and allow for new skills to come through.

Some of the main features that come with the Hyperlite Landlock 2016 include:

  • Rolled Edge
  • Easy Rails
  • EVA pad
  • Professional graphics
  • Modeled after professional boards
  • Layered glass (instead of woven glass)
  • 3 Fins
  • 5’9” long
  • 20.25” wide
  • High weight capacity
  • Durable construction

For surfers that are transitioning to wakesurfing in general will appreciate the Hyperlite Landlock 2016. The construction is made to help you with learning the beginning steps, made wider for buoyancy. As you get better at this watersport, you can make subtle changes to allow for intermediate progression. The advanced tricks and elements that come with wakesurfing will take time, but this board will allow you to move forward with experience.

The bottom line about this board is that it’s beginner friendly, and made to help you traverse skill sets with ease.

2016 Inland Surfer Blue Lake V2

 Inland Surfer Swallow V2 Wakesurfer

Breaking down the list of the best boards for smaller wake, you will no doubt want to look into what Inland Surfer is producing. Amidst the best options, the 2016 Inland Surfer Blue Lake V2 comes into play. The board is modeled after professional wakesurf options, including the overall graphic design on the board itself.

This is a great beginner board, as it is amazingly stable. It’s wide, lengthy, and lets you have control, without having to work through the high learning curve that other boards make you go through. The length and width allow you to stabilize on the board, and the 4 fin layout helps you push your weight through turns, without sinking too far. As you get better with wakesurfing, you will be able to make cuts in the wave and even hit an aerial or two.

As you learn, you will want to have a lot more drag. Drag and tracking will help you control the board a lot more. This is really a good thing for beginners, as it will allow for subtle increases in skill set, without a huge jump.

Some of the main elements and features that come with the 2016 Inland Surfer Blue Lake V2 include:

  • EPS Construction
  • WoodLoc technology
  • Vortex Element
  • Edge Rail
  • Quad-Fin design
  • Rocket Rocker
  • Eva top pad
  • 5’4” long
  • 20.5” wide
  • 8 pounds
  • Supports Up To 250 pounds

Overall, this wakesurf board is a strong contender for the best boards for small wake. It’s a bestselling board with a lot of reviews stating how positive this board is for beginners. The manufacturers really focused on a beginner board to help those trying to learn to ride behind a boat. For small wake, this is definitely a great solution.

Utilize any of the 3 options mentioned above, and you will be able to get into wakesurfing with relative ease. Each one has specific features, and durability that will help you get from beginner skill levels to intermediate skills without much hassle.

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