Best Waterproof Compact Camera for Exploring The Ocean

When looking for the best waterproof compact camera, there are several specifications that need to be considered. The quality of the videos or the pictures taken is paramount. There are many camera manufacturers out there who specialize in manufacturing compact cameras. They all claim that their cameras are the best. Some of the top notch manufacturers include Ricoh, Nikon, Fujifilm and Olympus. Before you venture out to acquire one, it is important that you ascertain whether they are waterproof or not. . The size, the price and compatibility with other devices should also be checked.

Here is a review that may guide you when you decide to buy one.

Best Waterproof Compact Camera Candidates​

Olympus TG-870

Olympus TG-870

Olympus is known for small underwater cameras. Its TG-870 is considered to be the best among the most recent models. The camera comes with impressive specs such as high waterproof and shockproof ratings. The camera has a crushproof of about 220 pounds and its freeze proof temperature is 14 degrees. In addition, the camera is 21 mm wide angle lens, and 5x optical zoom that allows one to capture all the details of the images irrespective of the distance between the camera and the object.

Olympus TG-870 comes with in-built features such as GPs and Wi-fi and can be used to share pictures and videos with other devices such as tablets and smartphones. It has a GPS system that adds the location or the area where the pictures were taken to the images.

Fujifilm FinePix XP90

Fujifilm FinePix XP90

Fujifilm is an old corporation with its headquarters in Japan. It is a multinational company that is associated with photography and imaging. The company has over the years produced compact cameras. Finepix XP90 is certainly one of the best cameras that has ever been manufactured by the company. It is excellently made and can be used for exploration purposes. It is most ideal when exploring oceans or visiting parts of the world that experience temperatures that are as low as 14 degrees. The camera’s waterproof capabilities can protect it even when you dive to a depth of 50 feet. It has a freeze proof of 14 degrees and thus it is ideal when visiting polar seas. Other than that, the camera is dustproof and shockproof.

The cameras 5X optical zoom and 21 mm wide angle allows it to take sharp images while on the go. Fujifilm are known for color replication. Its images are normally replicated the way human eyes see them. This is one of the features that make the camera rank high among the best waterproof compact cameras. It is ideal for underwater photography.

The image specs include 16.4 MP BSI CMOS Sensor and a full 1080 p HD that allows it to take quality videos and photos. The camera has an interval shooting mode and can be programed to take videos and photos. It is Wi-Fi enabled and allows one to share videos and pictures on other devices. You can take photos while on the go and still get sharp images.

Nikon 1 AW1

Nikon 1 AW1

This is the only camera that allows you to shoot videos in water under different situations. The camera has lenses that can be interchanged. It is shockproof and freezeproof as well. It is one of the few cameras that allows for continuous shooting since it is autofocus aided. The camera comes with a 14.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor that guarantees quality images even in situations of low light. The camera is capable of simultaneous image capture capabilities of 1080p HD. In fact, it is considered as the best compact waterproof cameras on the market. The camera comes with an inbuilt GPS module, an LCD monitor and a digital compass. This means that it can add the location where the picture was taken and will tell you your current location at a press of a button. This camera is dustproof, shockproof, cold proof and crushproof.

What is amazing about this camera is that it has a full 1080p video output. This means that it is among the few best waterproof compact cameras that you can use to take photos in situations with less lighting. It has a remarkable sensor that greatly reduces the shaking and makes the images taken crystal clear.



This is a product of GoPro Inc. the leading manufacturer of cameras in the US. It is an ideal camera that can be used for videography. It is one of the compact cameras that dominated the market in 2016. The camera competed favorably with products from Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Polaroid, and Garmin. However, it is preferred because it is easier to use and has a number of functionalities that are not present in other cameras. It is designed for underwater tasks

It has an inbuilt touch in display that allows for easy camera control. The camera is convenient, especially if you are on an adventure trip. This is a professional 720p120 video and 108-p60 camera with a 12 MP lightening camera. It is water proof and compact digital camera that can be used in emergency situations.

The camera has an enhanced camera control, an inbuilt video that allows one to create and save video images on the cameras. It has an inbuilt Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth that is compatible with most of the modern digital devices. This allows for easy sharing of videos and pictures with friends. The sharing can be done immediately after the shooting the pictures or at your convenience.


Even though there are many cameras out there which you can use when exploring the sea, this review has focused on the top five cameras with the extra features you need while exploring the sea. All the cameras are waterproof, feature GPS that adds the locations where the pictures and the videos were taken, and have an in-built WiFi that allows you to share videos and pictures with your family and friends at the press of a button. They all have great specs and video capability and can be ordered online and delivered to a specified address within 3- 5 days.

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