What Are Best Waterproof Down Jackets For Cold Weather?

All the best best waterproof down jackets should be able to keep you warm without making you feel suffocated or uncomfortable inside a heavy jacket. Heavy jackets that keep you warm tend to actually be heavy, and they tend to heat up too much after a while. A good down jacket, however, isn't stuffed up with a lot of filling that can bog the jacket down. It should be able to be a good piece of clothing for outdoor activities

​Best Waterproof Down Jackets

There are a lot of fun things to do in the winter. There are also a lot of fun things to do in colder countries. You don't have to miss out on all these just because of the temperature. This is why you should choose only the best down jacket for yourself. A good jacket should be well-insulated and should have good fill power. A high fill power indicates a higher-quality jacket that's softer, warmer, and longer-lasting.

Waterproof jackets are also a must for winter. This way, you'll be kept warm and comfortable, and moisture won't be able to find its way to you. Typically, these kinds of jackets are also windproof, which is handy in high altitudes and in other windy places. You'll be comfortable and warm, and you'll be able to to do whatever you want or need to do while out in the winter.

​Best Waterproof Down Jackets 

Arctic Expedition Women's 650 Fill Down Winter Coat

Arctic Expedition Women's 650 Fill Down Winter Coat

With this jacket you'll be snug and warm in the cold winter months. Not only is it waterproof, but it's windproof as well. The jacket can keep you comfortable in temperatures reaching -13 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the jacket a great shield against the cold and a great addition to your winter wardrobe. The best waterproof down jackets have high fill power, and this one has 650 fill. There is also a downproof lining that keeps the feathers in the jacket in place.

The jacket also comes in plus sizes, though the proportions of the jacket may be off as the size goes up. Just be sure that you're ordering the right size so it won't be too bulky or too small for you.

The North Face Men's Gotham Jacket

The North Face mens GOTHAM JACKET II CYK7

This is a good-looking jacket with a streamlined look. It has a 550 fill power, and, along with its waterproof exterior, you'll be kept warm wherever you go this winter. There is also an attached hood that has a detachable faux fur trim. This jacket is a great addition to your wardrobe and it is guaranteed to keep you as warm as comfortably possible in the winter cold. You'll no longer have to worry about dressing appropriately for the temperature, because this can be your go-to jacket for a long time to come.

The common problem with this jacket, however, seems to be the sizing as well. The hood also doesn't have a warm lining, so you might want to use a bonnet or other head wear with the jacket.

Women's The North Face Arctic Parka Jacket

Women's The North Face Arctic Parka Jacket

When you want to be warm, you want to be snug and comfortable, not sweltering and burning up inside your coat. While the North Face Arctic Parka Jacket is able to keep you warm, its waterproof exterior is also breathable enough to not be suffocating. It is also lightweight, which makes it even more comfortable. There's also a 550 fill power and a removable hood. This removable hood also has a detachable fur trim, so you can adjust exactly how warm you want to be.

One thing you have to remember, though, is that this jacket might be better for less windy places. Customers also frequently run into problems with sizing, and returning the item isn't free. Make sure, therefore, that you get the correct size.

BGSD Men's "Brent" 3-in-1 Waterproof Hooded Down Parka Coat

BGSD Men's Brent 3-in-1 Waterproof Hooded Down Parka Coat

What makes this jacket great is that it's not only for the winter. There is an inner down jacket with 600 fill power that can be taken out and set aside. You can then wear the exterior jacket when the weather is somewhat warmer. The exterior jacket is also windproof and waterproof, and it woven in a nice herringbone pattern. The entire thing is made to be flexible and make you comfortable in any situation.

This is a great jacket, but again, the sizing can be a little off. The manufacturer bases the sizes on your chest measurement, but sometimes, the arms of jacket can be a little short and the cuffs can be too wide for some.

BGSD Women's "Avery" Hooded Waterproof Down Coat

BGSD Women's Avery Hooded Waterproof Down Coat

Not only is this coat comfy and warm, it is also stylish. It is designed to fit you snugly and keep you from looking like a walking puff of polyester. It has 600 fill power and is approximately three feet long. It can definitely keep you as warm as possible. There is a stand collar and knit cuffs that keep wind from penetrating into your jacket. When it rains, the removable hood and the waterproof nylon lining of the coat will not only keep you warm but safe and dry as well. This is definitely one of the best waterproof down jackets.

You might find the zipper to be of low quality, though, and the sizes might be off. Other than that, this is a solid investment.


There you have the top five waterproof down jackets. With your pick of the best one for yourself, you can go skiing, snowboarding, and other adventures in the snow while staying as warm and dry as possible. Finding the jacket for you should be easy once you know what's on the market. All the jackets on this list are high-quality with only one of two small drawbacks to them. In fact, there's actually a chance that you'll get a perfectly good product with no defects or issues. You should definitely give these jackets a chance—after all, they are the best waterproof down jackets right now.

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