Best Wetsuits For SUP Guide

One of the things that you are going to realize when hitting the waters is that it gets cold. The water is colder than the sun around you may be. Even though it may be up to 80 degrees, the water may be a brisk 60 degrees or lower. This can be difficult to endure. and is not easy to bear. That’s where our Best Wetsuits For SUP Guide comes into play.

One way to ensure that you are not dealing with the cold waters, is to look into a strong wetsuit that is made for paddling. There’s a big difference between the options that you will see below and the options that you would purchase for surfing. Surfers wear a lot of suits, but they are usually made with the notion of cold temperatures in mind. Remember, a grand majority of surfers are heading to the waves early in the morning, and that means cold.

Paddle boarders are not going to need to have a serious wetsuit like a professional surfer would need. Because you have to be active, and because you will be using a paddle, you need to be able to move your arms and legs. That means that you will want breath-ability, and function all the same.

The options that you are going to find best for SUP adventures are known as shorty options. These mean that you will have mobility in mind. Your freedom to paddle is going to be the main reason why you should look into this solution.

The following options will help you decide what option is going to work best for your needs. There are options for men and women, with SUP in mind. Once you run down through these options, you will be able to get into the waters with relative ease.

Best Wetsuits For SUP

Before focusing on the options that are best for SUP, consider some of the criteria that you need. Looking at the different options below, take into consideration that the focus is on SUP needs. The reason why these are best is because they will let you to hit the water without getting too hot. These are best for SUP, so they let you move a bit.

Best Wetsuit For SUP Men’s Edition

O’Neill Reactor

 O’Neill Reactor

The first option is made by one of the premier names in surf. O’Neill has been around for quite some time, and has been tested thoroughly by professional surfers. The modifications made to this suit and released for Sup enthusiasts takes that same high quality reputation that the company has and brings together a lot of features.

This is a great suit, and it’s 2mm in thickness. That means that you will not feel the sting of the cold, and you will be able to use your arms, as well as keep your legs stable on the board. One of the innovative aspects of this suit is the FluidFlex material that you will get. That material is a proprietary solution that O’Neill has been putting into wetsuits for some time. This was introduced to surfers that wanted to be able to paddle, dip, and dive with relative ease.

The majority of suits is made of this material, but the rest is made of what is known as Fluid Foam. That is meant to maintain the heat from your body, when you’re in the water. There’s a good balance that comes from the materials that make up the O’Neill Reactor.

Sizing this suit is going to take a bit of time. That’s one complaint that a lot of reviewers have. If you’ve never put on a wetsuit, then you will definitely find this to be a bit difficult to gauge in terms of size and fit for you. Aside from the materials, O’Neill includes a key pocket, and simple seams that allow for your heat to transfer out in case you get sweaty. The stitching on the seams of the O’Neill Reactor help through what is known as “Flatloc” technology, and it’s a signature of the company. Definitely one of the Best Wetsuits For SUP on the make category.

The Main Features of the O’Neill Reactor

  • 2mm Flex/Foam Materials
  • Easy Seal Neck
  • Flatloc Construction
  • Back Zipper
  • Back Zip
  • O’Neill Branding
  • Keeps Your Arms and lower legs mobile
  • Breathable Seams
  • Lightweight
  • Low Cost

Best Wetsuit For SUP Women’s Edition

Body Glove Women’s Pro 3 Spring Wetsuit Body Glove Women’s Pro 3 Spring Wetsuit

Focusing on the women’s edition wetsuit for SUP fans, you will find that the Body Glove Women’s Pro 3 Spring Wetsuit is top notch. This is made by a long standing surf company called Body Glove. They have been in business for a long time, and are a name that surfers around the world recognize. Much like O’Neill, this company is a great option to consider. This has been made for women that are looking at paddling on the water, and again leaves the knees and elbows open.

The Body Glove Women’s Pro 3 Spring Wetsuit has a material called “Quadra Flex”. This is a proprietary material that allows full movement, especially at the joints that you need most when surfing, paddling, and moving. This free range of motion lets you paddle through waters with ease, and it keeps you cool as well. This little feature may not seem big, but when you have it on, you will feel how easy it is to move.

The stitching on the suit is similar to that of O’Neill, as you will get some breathing areas around the stitching at the underarms, and other critical areas. This little innovative idea will help you enjoy your day with relative ease. Inside the suit, you have a key holder which gives you an added element to the suit. When it comes to Best Wetsuits For SUP, this is the best for women on the market.

The feature list that comes with the Body Glove Women’s Pro 3 Spring Wetsuit include:

  • Key pocket
  • Easy to use zipper
  • Velcro neck
  • Quadra Flex technology
  • 2mm thickness
  • 1.2 mm collar for easier breathing
  • Slick chest and back paneling (easier to swim with)
  • Flatlock stitches
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Body Glove Pro branding
  • Made For Movement with SUP

For men and women that are braving colder waters, having a good wetsuit is important. You will find that both Body Glove and O’Neill have a great reputation amidst surfers and SUP enthusiasts alike. You can’t go wrong with these two solutions in place. Whether you are going to be heading on a trip, or you are staying local, these suits are made for movement. One of the important things you don’t want to experience is the shock of that cold water. With this, you will not get that initial shock. Shaped for movement, your arms and legs will be allowed to move your paddles with relative ease. That’s the big thing about these two solutions, movement.



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