What Are The Best Wood Preservative For Docks

I’m a dock enthusiast (and wood loyalist), so I know the pride it brings when someone compliments you on your deck.

Best Wood Preservative For Docks

You feel elated knowing it’s well deserved and that all your work didn’t go unnoticed. I also know what it takes to keep it in good condition and the trials you face when doing so.

It can be worrisome deliberating over which products will hold true and which will give you (and your wood) the protection you deserve.

Those of us that really care, know that to get what you want requires some effort. That's why, the protection that comes from someone who takes pride in their work is a beautiful thing.

Although it requires more attention and care, I feel wood decking is the best way to go.

That feeling you get when walking across a well preserved dock, It’s more than just beauty. Kempt wooden docks can implement a sense of security and enrich your experience.

Finding a preservative that truly ensures your decks protection is key. One to withstand an unforgiving sun, changing moods of mother nature, and family reunion amount of traffic it deals with.

Searching Focal Points

There are three main concerns when deciding on a preservative for your wooden docks. In order to keep them in pristine condition you’ll need to be sure that the preservative supplies these.​

★ Fungicidal- to keep the wood from becoming mildew, decayed and rotted.

★ Water repellent- to deter the damaging effects of water such as, the wood becoming bent and twisted out of shape, brittle and cracking, and the wood absorbing the water and expanding.

★ Effortless Applicability- the simplest treatments will be those which are water based.

Now let's jump right in and see what made a splash big enough to earn a spot on our list for the best wood preservative for docks.

Best Wood Preservative For Docks

WoodRX Wood Sealer & Stain

WoodRX Wood Sealer & Stain

First up on our list that made a splash (and kicks up more than a little bit of water) is WoodRX Wood Sealer & Stain.

A top choice for multiple seasoned dock caretakers, and multi season, caretakers of docks. WoodRX has a long standing in the wood protection, as well as restoration industry.

At last, a wood Sealer that can be applied with a pump sprayer.

Not only is WoodRX durable across all climates, it can also exceed three times the life of traditional sealers. It provides complete UV resistance, mildew resistance, and permanent water repellency.

WoodRX can be used on either dry or wet wood. So after a good cleaning it can be immediately applied. The entire process will go as such.

First clean deck, next apply WoodRX and let dry, apply second coat with aid of a roller brush (because after the first coat the wood is more repellent and will require some additional but still mild effort) and you’re done. All the while remaining environmentally friendly.

WoodRX Wood Sealer & Stain is a great product that can significantly reduce your application time.

WoodRX’s innovative spray pump brings an ease to your workload, while it's quality formula brings protection to your deck.

This is a product that is definitely worth getting!

Starring Points

★ Spray pump application

★ Can be applied to dry and wet surfaces

★ Significantly reduced application time

★ Easy on the environment

★ Up to five times the longevity of traditional sealers

★ Warranty for non graying wood discoloration

★ Usable on every type of wood

TWP Total Wood Preservative 100 series

TWP Total Wood Preservative 100 series

If you’re not familiar with them, TWP are not the NKOTB(new kids on the block).

However, with over 20 years to there credit, if you’re looking for a Sealer that step by step is superior, then you got it. The right stuff to keep your docks in shape and looking great.

The TWP 100 series offers a high quality compound of professional level wood preservative. The 100 series delivers protection across the board against UV, water, rott, and with an ease of application.

What holds this product back, is its limitations of where it can be shipped. Solely do to its level of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Volatile organic compounds, sometimes referred to as VOCs, are organic compounds that easily become vapors or gases. Along with carbon, they contain elements such as hydrogen, oxygen, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, sulfur or nitrogen.

The 100 series can only be shipped to 30 of the 50 states.

States in which shipping is not permitted-

The general consensus from its customers is that it’s easy to use, and praise for its longevity, and endurance in varying conditions.

Weather it’s winter, fall, spring, or summer time your wood docks will be hangin’ tough.

The TWP 100 series is a professional grade product that will keep your docks looking professionally kept!

Starring Points

★ Easy application

★ Water repellent

★ Easy maintenance

★ Prevents rott and UV damage

★ Mildew and mold resistant

One Time Wood Sealer

one time wood protector

Concluding our list for the best wood preservative for docks is One Time Wood Sealer.

One Time is a company with strong ties to being environmentally conscious.

They're a member of FGBC, Florida Green Building Coalition, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to improving the building environment.

One Time wood protection was distinctly created through a special process for the purpose of being environmentally aware.

Its proprietary acrylic resin infiltrates the woods cellular structure. Unlike conventional exterior wood treatments, it protects against living organisms that use wood as a food source.

This cellular emersion also allows long-term protection from water, ultra violet radiation, and other weather conditions.

One Time cares about protecting your docks along with the Planet. They've created a formula that safeguards your docks while making sure our environment is safeguarded as well.

A great quality product with a moral compass to be respected and followed!

Starring Points

★ Its wood protecting resins don't contain water, waxes or solvent that rest on the woods surface

★ Is cured by the sun light

★ Low oder formula

★ Only requires preserving wood once every seven years

These three made the list because I truly believe they have what we need, and want to keep our docks superlative.

If you take pride in your docks and I’m betting you do, then you’re like me and when it comes to my docks, I........ wood…. have it no other way!

We hope our splash, rapidly leads to your solution!

Steven Conte

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