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Best Wakesurf Board For Big Guys

Water sports aren’t just relegated to a specific body type. For bigger guys, that means that there is hope. If you want to get into wake surfing and you’re a bigger guy, then you will love the Hyperlite Landlock 5’9″. This is a board that is meant to help larger guys get into water sports, […]

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Inland Surfer Tako Review

Tako’s release of the Inland Surfer is a game changer. It is a great board that keeps the budget conscious consumer in mind. The cost effective Inland Surfer is a great option for those that are looking for a solid board that won’t break the bank. After you read our comprehensive Inland Surfer Tako review, […]

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How To Choose A Wakesurf Board

One of the coolest ways to get some fun in the sun is to purchase a wakesurf board. This is an option that mixes the fun of surfing, with the joy of wakeboarding, and more. This hybrid solution is going to absolutely allow you to have fun on the water, and will change the way […]

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Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker Guide

When it comes to getting fit, you are not going to be isolated to just a few things like in the past. Today, you have all the tools in the world to make sure that you actually stick with any fitness program. Some of the things you can utilize are high tech, including trackers. That’s […]

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