Top 10 Reasons to Buy an Inflatable Paddle Board

Whether you're a total beginner to paddle boarding or you're an expert who can not only tread water but can walk on it too, we have the ultimate suggestion for you: the inflatable paddle board.

inflatable paddle board

Traditional boards have certainly got a lot to offer but they are just that - traditional. We know what they do and we know how they do it. Inflatable paddle boards meanwhile, are increasingly in high demand and growing all the time, and it's easy to see why they are all the rage.

Inflatable Paddle Board Popularity

They're so popular right now because they are super versatile, and versatility is the spice of life, right?

Inflatable paddle boards are great for trips and hikes, and they lend themselves well to all sorts of new experiences. They offer non-stop excitement and supreme adventure with a ton of functional advantages to boot.

But, can something you blow up really stand up to the formidable tests of the water? In one gigantic word, yes! And, they do a whole lot more besides.

So, are you into paddle boards? Maybe you're looking for a hybrid or a stand-up paddleboard. Or, perhaps, a sit down one?

It really doesn't matter if you're a total newbie or if you're a paddle board rock star, we've got everything you need to know about inflatable paddle boards.

Here are our top 10 reasons why you need an inflatable paddle board in your life today.

1. You can take them almost anywhere

An inflatable paddle board offers you all the exploration and adventure you crave, without all the hassle of a traditional, rigid board. It's a no-brainer for travel because all you have to do is roll it up, put it in its bag and take it with you.

Inflatable paddle boards are super portable. They're like a large suitcase that you can bring with you almost anywhere - think planes, trains, cars and beyond! And what about all those extra fees and charges that you can avoid?

Sounds like a little piece of heaven to us!

2. You can store them almost anywhere

Traditional boards take up an enormous amount of space and they weigh a considerable amount too. With an inflatable paddle board, storage is a non-issue.

So, you don't live in a Malibu mansion with a billion rooms to store your precious items? Don't worry. An inflatable paddle board offers the best in utility. You simply let the air out, roll it up, put it in its bag and put it away - under the bed, in the closet, in the trunk of your car or anywhere else you so wish.

3. They are incredibly durable

People who have hard boards already will bemoan the fact that they get damaged a lot over time. Little knicks on rocks, cosmetic blemishes, and downright gaping holes are all par for the course with a rigid board.

Not so with the inflatable variety. They absorb the impact of the ocean because of the high impact rubber and they save you money in the short and long term.

Most inflatable paddle boards come with a repair kit that can help you fix minor dings at home. The major dings are a lot less likely to occur because the inflatable paddle board takes the knocks and keeps on rolling down that river.

4. They are surprisingly stable

Many people think that an inflatable paddle board will not offer the same sense of stability that a traditional board supplies. This is largely a myth.

Are you going to have the absolute rock hard stable surface that a rigid board has? No. But inflatable paddle boards come pretty close.

5. They are quite light to carry

If you're a fan of paddle boarding, the chances are you've had to drag your paddle board from one area to another on a very regular basis. We feel your pain.

The inflatable paddle board is so light you can put it on your back and carry it around. In this way it's like a large school bag only instead of carrying tonight's homework, you're carrying a bag full of fun instead.

6. They are brilliant for pets

If you like some canine bonding while you're paddle boarding, the inflatable board is a must for you and your pet pooch.

Your dog will love the feel of an inflatable and they won't scratch up your board in the process. They will also feel more stable on an inflatable paddle board because they are not as slippy as traditional boards.

7. They are safer than traditional boards

Have you ever fallen on a rigid paddle board? Not pleasant, is it?

With an inflatable paddle board, if you fall, the softer surface will cushion that fall. This makes them great for kids and beginners too, providing all mega fun without the minor cuts and bruises.

8. They offer you a real adventure

The inflatable paddle board is a super companion for any adventure because it's so compact and so portable. You can take it hiking without the fuss and you can reach other terrain and new horizons that are inaccessible with rigid boards.

9. They are a decent price

For all that they offer, inflatable paddle boards are usually cheaper than their traditional counterparts. This alone is a reason to buy one, but we have another one.

Traditional boards are notorious for needing a string of unending repairs. With an inflatable paddle board, you don't have to fork out as much on repairs so you save yourself and your pocket all that trauma.

10. They have an excellent resale value

Other boards are constantly devalued by scratches and dings and the whole host of repair jobs they have probably been subjected to. With all that wear and tear, traditional boards can often look as old they feel.

Inflatable paddle boards tend to look a lot better after years of use, with many keeping their pristine condition for a very long time. This means that what you start with can very often be what you finish with too. When resale time comes around, you're going to be counting your money all the way to the bank.

Inflatable Paddle Boards - What Are You Waiting For?

So, there you have it. 10 awesome reasons to buy an inflatable paddle board. We've provided you with the excuses. Now all you have to do is go out and get one!

Inflatable paddle boards really are riding in on the wave of the future. Why not give yourself the incredible chance to ride the crest of that exciting wave?

Steven Conte

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