The Most Stable Inflatable SUP To Consider Today?

Paddle boarding requires you to work with stability. You cannot get on the water not have this as a main focus. If you’re learning, then this becomes everything about the experience. Just one slip, or dip and you could lose your balance and fall into the water. For the sake of learning, and experiencing the fun of this water sport, you’re going to want to look at the most stable inflatable SUP you can find. This will help you learn, and have fun at the same time.

Beyond the notion of stability, you will want to consider the overall size of the board that you invest in. You want to consider the length, thickness, and the width of the top of the board. It is with that in mind that the following will break down the best stable solution for your overall needs. This will help you learn, and move along experiencing the best of SUP.

Two Things To Look For When Buying An Inflatable SUP

The first thing that you will want to look into is the quality of the build. Some refer to this in regards to how rigid it is. This quality will allow you to get moving on the board, without sinking. In order to paddle through waters, you will need to be able to stand, bend, and crouch without losing your balance.

The second thing to consider is in regards to the overall construction. Separate this from how rigid a board is, so that you have peace of mind when on the board. Since the following solutions are inflatable, you may be concerned with whether or not they will pop, burst, or cave in when in harsh waters. Construction allows you to have that peace of mind that is required to effortlessly learn how much fun SUP truly is.

The Most Stable Inflatable SUP Today

Tower Xplorer 14′

Tower Xplorer 14′

The first major option that you will want to consider is the Tower Xplorer 14′. The first thing that you will notice is that this is 14 feet long. Not only that, the thickness of this option is 8 inches. That means that you are going to have a nice bit of stability on the water. It allows for easier movements on top, and casual mobility when paddling.

Aside from the obvious above, consider some of the features that come with the Tower Xplorer 14’:

  • 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle
  • High-Pressure Hand Pump
  • Holds Up To 800 Pounds
  • Weighs 33 Pounds
  • Rolls Up With Ease
  • Durable
  • Military Grade Materials
  • Made For Stability
  • Created With Touring and Racing In Mind

Navigate Through Any Waterway

The reason why this option is #1 is because it’s stable. Because of the large size, you will find that the waterways that you pick will be easy to navigate. Even if you encounter faster swells, this is so large that it can very well handle some rough waters. Surfers will appreciate that this doesn’t nose dive, as you’ll be able to navigate swells with ease.

Inflate With Ease

For those that are concerned about inflating boards, don’t panic. This comes with a hand pump that makes it very simple to inflate and get out on the water. Done right, you can fill this up under 10 minutes, and of course you can work harder to get it within 6 or so minutes.

The feature rich Tower Xplorer 14′ is well exploring amongst the best inflatable SUP solutions on the market today.

iRocker Paddle Boards 10’

iRocker Paddle Boards 10’

Ranking different inflatable SUP options, you’ll find that the iRocker Paddle Boards 10’ is a great second choice. The board has been built for stability, ease of navigation, and priced lower than many others on the market. One of the bestselling points for this option is that you will be able to get started fast. This option comes with a pump, paddle, and stow bag. You can get to your next SUP adventure from the point of purchase.

Some of the iRocker Paddle Boards 10’ features that you will find here include:

  • Rigid Construction
  • Weight Limit is 350 pound
  • Military Grade Materials
  • Will Not Break or Pop
  • Storage Options
  • Light Weight
  • Inflates and Deflates Fast
  • Easy To Stow Away
  • Comes With Everything (pump, bag, paddle, etc.)
  • Comes With 2 Year Warranty
  • Low Price Compared To Competitors

Moving forward with some of the of the features that are outlined with iRocker Paddle Boards 10’, you are going to find that the core has been stitched to last you a long time. Beginners will appreciate the thickness here because it really is made to glide on the water with relative ease. In terms of buoyancy here, you will be able to paddle through all types of water. The deck has been given an extra coating so that you are stable with bare feet or with shoes. The pad has been placed with an extra feature so that you know where to stand and are able to move your board along with ease.

The iRocker Paddle Boards 10’ has a lot of great features. You can take on any adventure, through any waters, and feel at peace when on this inflatable SUP. Since you can deflate this and stow it, you can even travel with it fast. Within 10 minutes you can be on the water, paddling and enjoying the outdoors.

The Vilano Voyager 11’

Vilano Voyager 11'

The third solution you will want to explore is that of the Vilano Voyager 11’. This is a great option that comes with another complete package. When you purchase this board, you will be able to take it with you on any adventure immediately.

The construction of this board is strong. The stability is not lost amidst the 6” thickness, and the 11’ length. This SUP is made with PVC and utilizes a drop stitch pattern to ensure that you are able to navigate a variety of waterways, and still maintain peace of mind.

As you break down the Vilano Voyager 11’ features, you will note the following:

  • Made To Emulate Hard Top Boards
  • PVC Materials
  • Durable
  • Extra Pad For Traction
  • Storage With Bungees
  • D-Rings
  • 1 year Warranty
  • Complete Package (pump, paddle, etc.)
  • Easy Inflate and Deflate
  • Portable (even when traveling long distance)

The only drawback to the Vilano Voyager 11’ is the weight capacity is lower than others, at around 300 pounds. But other than that, you will find that the price tag, and the stability that comes with this package is well worth adding to your list. It’s affordable, easy to inflate and deflate, and has additional features that make it well worth checking out. You can save money with this one, that’s for sure.

Each board is made to last, and will ensure you get the most stable inflatable SUP to get out on the waters today.

Steven Conte

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